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We understand that sometimes a renting a bin can be an emergency and that is why Quick Dumpster Quotes offers next day deliveries. We are proud to offer this service because we take pride in our customer service. We understand that most clients who need a container will need it within a day, which is why we offer this convenient service to the entire Nation!

We deliver and pick up promptly

You don’t have to worry about getting your bin late, or having it sit in front of your house or building for longer than expected. It is a priority to be prompt with delivery and pick up so you can be rest assured that your container will be there when you need it and gone when your done with it. Our professional drivers are always careful when delivering and make sure not to damage your driveway, yard or property in any way. We usually provide wood planks for the metal dumpster wheels to sit on to minimize damage, but it’s a good idea to have some readily available just in case. If you are looking for roll off bins in your area, you have found the right company to deliver promptly and at competitive pricing. Just visit our dumpster rental service area page to find your city.

Competitive pricing and always dependable

We have a goal to make your experience with us easy and at the lowest competitive prices. We have friendly representatives to answer our phone lines when you call and they make sure that you understand the process and that you are getting the right size dumpster. It is our goal to maintain excellent customer service to those in need of a dumpster rental throughout the entire nation. Through our dedication to providing the best service, we make sure you are happy with your dumpster rental from start to finish.

Call 888-316-0324 for price quotes, size consultation, info on scheduling and any other questions you may have.

4-Step Dumpster Rental Process

1. What are your rental needs?

Before you decide on anything, you need to clearly define how big your project is going to be. We service a variety of people such as contractors, homeowners, businesses, realtors, and landlords.

Here are a few examples of why each person mentioned above would need our services:

  • Contractors: building a home, demolishing a building or home, landscaping, roof removal, and home siding replacement.
  • Homeowners: renovating a kitchen/bathroom/basement, cleaning a garage, removing a deck, gutting rooms, tearing down walls.
  • Businesses: garbage disposal, office clean-outs, building remodeling.
  • Realtors: cleaning out abandoned homes, home upgrades, home improvements, landscaping upgrades.
  • Landlords: home/building demolition, clean-outs, remodeling, large home/building repairs.

Whatever your needs are, it’s important to specify with as much detail is possible so that you and the rental company can choose the best size possible for you. There are many dumpster sizes available. The bigger your project size, the bigger the bin you will need to rent.

2. Choose a roll off size

The next step in the process is to choose your bin size. All sizes are based on cubic yards. For example, a 5 yard container will hold 5 cubic yards of debris and junk, a 10 yard container will hold 10 cubic yards of junk.

Some containers have swinging doors that open on one side which makes it easier if you are throwing heavy junk into it, but most are just your typical open top dumpsters. Here are some brief descriptions and dimensions of dumpster sizes.

The 5 yard dumpster is best used for the small jobs like garage and shed clean outs. This size can also be used for small bathroom renovations too. There are numerous projects that the 5 yard container can handle and it is very versatile because of its size and light weight. You don’t have to worry about damaging your driveway with this bad boy. Some common uses:

  • Small bathroom and kitchen renovations
  • Spring cleaning
  • Cleaning out basement, garages, sheds – basic junk removal.

The 10 yard dumpster is one of the most common containers because it fits the needs of nearly any project. Being able to hold 10 cubic yards of junk, it will challenge you to fill it up. When you call your local hauler, tell them about your project and they will help you figure out whether this size is a good option for you. Here are typical projects for the 10 yard:

  • Small garage and basement clean out
  • 250-300 sq ft deck removal 
  • 1500 sq ft of single layer roof shingle removal
  • Driveway or concrete tear-outs 
  • Dirt removal

The 15 yard dumpster is a popular choice with homeowners, businesses, and contractors. This container will hold 15 yards of cubic junk and its common dimensions are 12 ft long – 7 ft wide – 5 ft high. Call your local haulers to see if this size is big enough or too little for your project. Typical uses for the 15 yard are:

  • Cleaning out medium size garage
  • Large yard clean-up
  • Medium basement remodeling
  • Medium kitchen remodeling

The 20 yard dumpster is the most popular size out of any rental size. It’s small enough to easily fit in your driveway, but large enough to tackle big projects like building/home construction, large demolitions jobs, and large landscaping jobs. As you probably have guessed already, this container holds 20 yards of cubic junk. Here are the most common jobs for the 20 yard:

  • Large garage, attic, and basement clean-outs
  • Floor and carpet removal for a large house
  • 300-400 sq ft deck removal
  • 2,500-3,000 sq ft of single layer roof shingle removal
  • Large bathroom and kitchen remodel

The 30 yard dumpster rental will hold 10-12 pick up loads and has an approximate weight limit of 4 tons. A 30 yard holds 30 cubic yards of junk. When the 20 yard is a bit too small for a job, you can always count on the 30 yard bin to hold all the big projects. The most common uses for this size are:

  • Major home editions
  • Home and building construction or demolition
  • Commercial roof tear-offs
  • Landscaping large areas

3. Understanding Costs and Fees

Before you go and rent a roll off, it’s important to understand the extra fees that may be involved. Some of these are good enough reason to rent from a different hauler.

Roll off haulers all have their own fees they will charge. It may be because the landfills charge them more, or they might charge by weight, and they may even charge for fuel costs and days the roll off container is kept over the limited time period. Whatever the fees are, the companies have a good reason to charge them and it won’t make or break the bank but it’s always nice to know the potential fees when buying anything!

Base Rate. The base is the flat rate cost of the bin size. The price of the base rate will be most of the cost you pay for when renting roll offs. These rates don’t change very often, and you can find these prices directly from hauler websites or by calling them directly if they don’t provide pricing on the website. 

Tonnage Fee. A tonnage fee is described as the amount (in tons) over the weight limit designated for a particular dumpster. For example, the weight limit of a 20 yard container is 4 tons. If you throw more than 4 tons of junk into it, then you will be charged a flat rate of $50 or so (the flat charge is not universal and depends on the hauler you use). 

Tipping Fee. Tipping fees are fees that the landfill charges the roll off hauler each time they tip the junk off their bin and into the landfill area. These fees vary by state and a good resource to find more information on tipping fees can be found here.  

Late Return Fee. Sometimes projects will take longer than expected, and because of that, you will have to keep the trash bin longer than the agreed upon time frame. Late charges are per day or per week and usually cost around $25-50 each day you keep the rental over the time frame.

Refill Fee. This fee depends on the dumpster hauler. Some will give you 1 free refill and others will charge you each time to have it refilled. Check with your local roll off companies to get more clarified answers. 

Hazardous Waste Fee. This fee can get pretty expensive so be responsible and don’t throw hazardous waste into the trash containers. Hazardous waste can be any of the following:

  • Paints and solvents
  • Motor oil or antifreeze
  • Pesticides
  • Electronics
  • Cleaning agents
  • Batteries

Miscellaneous Fees. Sometimes you will need a permit from your local municipality to park a roll off on a public street or cul-de-sac. Call your local municipality for more info. 

Extra Charge To Throw These Materials:

  • Tires
  • Mattresses
  • Appliances

4. Comparing Different Companies

Once you have figured out your project needs, dumpster size, and you understand the costs, you can start to compare the haulers in your area. Comparing hauler services by price is a great indicator on who you will choose, but don’t overlook these other characteristics of a good company, and the potential of a great experience!

Featured services are vital for dumpster rental companies to separate themselves from the competition. These services might include:

  • Discounts for cash
  • Free dumpster refill(s)
  • Same day delivery and pick up
  • No tonnage fees
  • Flat rate fee
  • Longer rental periods
  • No late rental fees

Location. If the rental service is close to you, it might be cheaper. It could be cheaper because of less gas used to drive out, and less labor costs for not being on the road as long. You might not get the cheapest rate, but it doesn’t hurt to tell the company that you will go with them if they drop the price a bit because you live down the road. 

Apart from the featured services and location, make sure that they have your size needed. All roll off businesses are not the same and do not carry the same sizes. You need to know if they have any dumpsters available in stock for you to rent as well.

More Tips

By following a few of these tips, you can save some coin and save yourself despair and agony. Some haulers are better at customer service, some have better prices, and some focus on being convenient. It all depends on what type of service you are looking for. Some companies will only drop off and pick up the roll off bins while others will actually load all the junk into it for you as well as haul it away. 

Choose local over national companies. When you choose to do business with a local hauler, you will save more money because businesses do not have as much overhead expenses like a Waste Management would. The only reason Waste Management gets jobs is because it is a household name and it’s a first stop for many people who need rentals. WM will always be more expensive than any other local roll off service company. 

Renting from a local hauler should also give you the confidence to know that it will be a job well done with great customer service to top it off! Local businesses pride themselves on customer service and doing jobs right. The word of customers in their community is the most important marketing and advertising that they rely on, so you can bet they are always on their “A” game. 

Call around. Calling up 2-3 (at least) companies to get quotes is the best way to get the best price and understand what makes each service unique. Would you want to give business to a company that was hard to deal with over the phone? I don’t know about you, but I would gladly pay an extra $50 to the nice guy down the road instead. 

Speaking with 2-3 companies will give you ammunition for bartering prices down as well. A lot of the time, rental service companies will match or beat the competitions pricing. Make sure you let them know if they are too high on price and the guy down the street is a bit cheaper. 

Ask for discount pricing. Some haulers will give discounts to senior citizens and some will have discounts for active and retired military members. Many haulers will have seasonal discounts too. If you don’t call and ask, you will never know.