Compare Dumpster Companies

From business owners to homeowners, they both need to rent roll off dumpsters to get rid of junk created by projects. It’s something they need, not want, and that is why it is super important to compare roll off container companies. If you need to rent something, then you better make sure you get the best deal for it. What do I mean by the best deal? If you thought price, you would be wrong because the cost of a roll off dumpster should only be 50% of why you rent a dumpster. The other 50% should be decided by the features that are offered through the roll off rental companies. Here are a few examples of features:

  • 15% discount if you pay with cash
  • 2 week rental; instead of 1
  • We load the dumpster with your junk; don’t lift a finger
  • At no additional cost, you can throw tires or mattresses in the container

The point is that based on your situation, you can figure out which company is best for you. Not sure how long your project will take? Be on the safe side and get the 2 week rental (at no additional cost) so you don’t have to pay an extra fee each day over a regular 1 week rental. There are many other features not mentioned here, but the key is to look for them so that you get the best deal possible. Each feature fits someone’s needs, but it’s up to you to find the right roll off container business that has these features. When our patent-pending software comes out, you will be able to do exactly this! Compare each rental company features and promotions from 1 web page.

Choose Local Dumpster Companies

Now more than ever it’s very important that you select a dumpster rental company near you. The biggest reason is FUEL COSTS. More and more dumpster companies are starting to include the drive distance to project sites within the overall bill, which is why most roll off companies want you to call for quotes. Here are the main points summed up:

  • The closer the dumpster company, the lower the fuel price, the lower the cost.
  • If the dumpster company saves money on gas, you save money on a dumpster.