Dumpster Rental in Blaine, MN

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Let us do the work for you. We do everything we can to provide you with results for top notch dumpster rental companies in Blaine. BlaineDumpster Rental Blaine MN is not too far from Minneapolis, so many of the dumpster roll off businesses will service the area if their dumpster services fit your needs. Renting a dumpster can be a daunting task, especially when most people only need them 1-2 times in their entire lives! Whether you are a contractor, homeowner, landlord or realtor, we recommend you check out our step-by-step process guide to get you started. This guide provides information on dumpster sizes and dimensions, how to choose a size, learn the fees involved when paying for a rental, and how to get the best price possible.

Blaine Dumpster Rental Tips Guide

When you rent a dumpster you want to make sure that you rent locally; in this case, the city of Blaine, MN. Here are a few reasons why:

  • They are cheaper off the bat than large, national companies. 
  • They have quicker and better service. Same day pick-ups are common services of local haulers.
  • No hidden fees. Beyond the up-front costs that you know about, you usually will be talking to the same person each time you call in, which is personable.

Find out more about dumpster rental prices in the Minneapolis area here. Now that you know the basic reasons on why to rent dumpsters from a locally owned company in Blaine, here are some commonly asked questions that are asked (get the full list):

What are my options for dumpster sizes and which is best for me?

First off, dumpster sizes relate to the number of cubic yards it can hold. For example, a 15 yard dumpster will hold 15 cubic yards of junk/waste/debris (a car can hold about 1.5 cubic yards if you were to fill it -seats not included). The most common dumpster sizes in the Blaine area is 10 yard, 15 yard, 20 yard, and 30 yard.

For best understanding which dumpster size you will need, you will need to know the rough size of your project (home renovation, small/large bathroom remodel, garage cleanup). Also, when you call up Blaine dumpster rental companies you will want to explain to them your project and they can help you decide as well.

How much do dumpster rentals cost in Blaine, MN?

The answer is not a specific price. Dumpster rental prices vary by state, and even neighboring cities. The cost of a dumpster could be $50 less in Blaine than it is in Lino Lakes because of variables including distance to site, gas mileage fee, easiness of drop-off and pickup, and different county landfill fees. This is why it is important to call up multiple dumpster rental companies. Dumpsters in Blaine can range from $80+ for a 10 yard dumpster to $500+ for the bigger boys.