Dumpster Rental MN Forest Lake

In Minnesota, there are many dumpster rental companies to choose from but the dumpster rental process can be a little confusing. Sometimes dumpster are called, “roll offs” and sometimes they are called “trash containers.” Some companies charge a “tipping fee” or an “overage fee.” Don’t worry though because, with further reading, you will see that the dumpster rental mn is quite simple once you know the basics and knowledge.

Roll Off Rental or Trash Container Rental?

A dumpster roll off and trash container is the same thing. The only slight difference is that a roll off is intended for bigger projects and it has wheels and are actually rolled off the trucks. When most people in Minnesota refer to a trash container, they mean a permanent bin. You have seen these bins outside of fast food restaurants and shopping malls. They both provide the same service, but you have to find the company that provides one or the other; some rental companies provide both.

Dumpster Rental Fees in Minnesota

Base Fee. This is the base rate for the size dumpster you rent out. These rates don’t change very much, and are the bottom rate, but not the final cost of renting a dumpster.

Permit (if applicable). If you are parking a dumpster bin on the street throughout the duration of your project, you may need to get a permit from your local municipality. Almost all dumpster rental service companies provide this service for you so you don’t have to worry about it. However, it’s important to know that you could get fines if you don’t have a permit so ask the company you are renting from to be safe.

Forest Lake Permit Office – Check here for your dumpster rental permit requirements for Forest Lake, MN.

Tipping Fees. These are fees that landfills charge to haulers for disposing of trash. These fees can vary greatly by state and are charged on a per ton basis. Tipping fees are also known as disposal fees and tonnage fees.

Minnesota landfills tipping fees are $6.66/ton as stated by the Revisor of Statutes website for Minnesota.