Dumpster Rental FAQ

How Long Can Dumpsters Be Kept?

This can vary based on the dumpster rental company. You can go over this in the initial phone call. The average that most dumpster companies will allow is 7-10 days. Some charge per day over the rental agreement, and some charge per week after rental agreement is made.

What Materials Are Prohibited?

Aerosol cans, flammable liquids, almost every type of oil (check with dumpster rental company), gas, TV’s, microwaves, batteries, computers, monitors, animals, asbestos, most liquids, hazardous waste, herbicides and pesticides, paint, radioactive materials. Make sure you let the dumpster rental service know what you plan to throw in the bin so they can let you know if it’s prohibited or not, or if it’s an extra charge. Note that many of these materials can be taken to your local recycling center for proper disposal.

Can I Put A Roll Off Dumpster On The Street?

Permits are required for the most part. You should check with your local municipality for legal and permit issues.

Will A Dumpster Damage My Driveway?

Dumpster trucks are heavy and so is the dumpster they are dropping off for you. The best trick to protect your driveway is to lay down 5′ x 10′ pieces of plywood over it. The main damage comes from the first contact the dumpster makes with the driveway coming off the truck. This is because of the steep angle of the dumpster as the truck slides it off.

What Does It Cost To Rent A Dumpster?

Dumpster rental pricing depends on factors including: dumpster size, weight of materials, location, and in sometimes the contents you are throwing in the dumpster.

What If I Need To Cancel or Change My Order?

This happens quite often. If this happens, try to let them know ahead of time by a day or two for courtesy. If you need to cancel at last minute, there may be a cancellation fee.

Do I Need To Schedule Removal Of My Dumpster?

Usually, you schedule a pickup and removal during the order over phone call. If you decide you need longer (or shorter) then you can call let them know.

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