Dumpster Rental Tips

Before You Rent a Dumpster, This is what you should knowDumpster Rental Tips

It might sound like an easy thing to do, but renting a dumpster is something that you should take some time to analyze. The point of this article is to assist you with the dumpster rental process, and to give you pointers on what to look for.

So, how do you distinguish between the companies that do a great job and the ones that don’t do such a good job? The first thing is to make sure the company has been around for a while. This indicates that the company is run well, and does a good job keeping customers happy; otherwise they wouldn’t be around anymore. Make sure the company has been around for at least a year or 2; there are a lot of pop-up dumpster rental companies that try to make it in the business but fail. DON’T fall victim to this situation. You can get this information simply by web searching or calling the company directly. When you call, make sure you get clear cut answers because if you don’t, you can bet that when it’s time to pay them, it won’t be what you agreed on.

Local Businesses VS National Companies 

You will save more money when you do business with your local Dumpster Rental Companies because they do not have the overhead that these big companies have. Renting from a local hauler should give you the confidence that customer service and a job well done are expected for you. These local companies are usually family owned and/or small, so you can bet that they pride themselves in doing the best they can on any job as no business (especially locally) wants a bad reputation.

What is a Tipping Charge, and Why it’s Important to you? 

Almost every Dumper Rental company pays what is called a “tipping charge” to landfills. A tipping charge is what landfills charge dumpster companies to dump waste at the landfill. What is charged is the amount of weight of material that they are dumping.

Here is an example of how it affects you (the customer): 

Let’s say for example, that you rent a 10 yard dumpster for $300 with a 1 ton limit. You should note that some companies will not include a ton limit and some will; this is something you should look for in a hauler company because it can add up if you go over the weight restrictions. Now let’s say your weight comes out to 2 tons; the average rate is about $50/ton over the limit. This means that you will really end up owing $350 instead of the original $300. These charges can’t always be anticipated, but if you know about these possible charges up front, you won’t feel ‘worked over’ and you will be prepared for it.

Is there a solution? 

The best way to find which dumpster will be the best size for you, visit their website or call them directly. Many websites have great explanations of dumpster sizes will work best for a particular project.

Upgrading your dumpster rental size is always a safe bet, and will allow you more space and higher weight limits, which is worth the extra $25-$50 up front rather than getting caught off guard with overages.

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