Roll Off Dumpster Styles

There is two roll off dumpster styles to choose from. The roll off dumpster style & commercial dumpster style. Roll off dumpsters are used by just about anybody who is in the need for a dumpster. Commercial dumpsters are used by businesses such as restaurants, malls, office buildings and many more. Commercial dumpsters are usually permanent & have pickup schedules from trash hauling companies consistently.

Roll Off Dumpster Styles

Roll off dumpsters are also known to be called construction dumpsters. Renting a roll off dumpster style is the best choice for projects of any size and location. Because roll off dumpsters come in many sizes, they can be used for just about any project you are undertaking. Here are common facts you should know about the roll off dumpster:

  • They are not permanent and are rented on a temporary basis. Typically a 1-2 week rental period.
  • Sizes can range from small 3 yard dumpsters to large 40 yard dumpsters.
  • Used for clean-outs, construction projects, yard landscaping and remodeling.

Commercial Dumpster Styles

Commercial dumpsters are also known as trash dumpsters. These dumpsters are permanent and are used by businesses such as restaurants and malls. They have recurring trash pickup schedules because they are consistently filled up with garbage. Here are some common facts that you should know about the commercial dumpster:

  • They are small containers and range from 2 yard dumpsters to 8 yard dumpsters.
  • They are permanent and have regular trash pickup schedules.
  • Used by businesses and office buildings.
  • Have lids to keep animals out and protect against weather conditions.