Home Improvement Trends of 2017

Last year alone there were around 1.2 million new homes built, which was the most built homes since 2007. Along with that, the home improvement industry has Americans spending $317 billion annually. These stats clearly state that this industry has solid footing and is very sturdy no matter if we are in a recession or not.

The following article will show you the new trends and devices that were showed at this years Design & Construction week in Orlando, FL.

Consumer Reports team of home columnists and market analysts joined over 80,000 design and construction professionals at the Orange County Convention Center. Also in attendance were 1,500 manufacturers and suppliers who unleashed their latest appliances, kitchen and bath fixtures, building materials, and so much more. This size trade show and scale almost defies trend-spotting. To follow are multiple developments we expect to see more of in 2017. Enjoy!

High Tech Indoor Gardening

The Urban Cultivator Gardening

Credit: Consumer Reports

Home design website, Houzz released a survey article a while back that said almost one third of homeowners report leading a more healthier lifestyle after a major kitchen renovation. This healthier lifestyle includes eating more healthy and cooking more home cooked meals.

Because of the growing market of healthier eating and lifestyle, a demand for an easier way of growing produce has emerged. And the device to meet this great demand is: The Urban Cultivator (pictured) which is a climate controlled and irrigated indoor garden system which is about the size of an under-cabinet wine chiller. A very well known designer who is based in Los Angeles, who also took home the Gold Award for Best Interior Design, stated that he has been installing the Urban Cultivator on more and more projects, especially in climates like Las Vegas where it is very hard to grow and maintain and outdoor garden.

The price: The cost of the Urban Cultivator is $2,500 but given the cost of the types of greens you can grow in it, you will make back the cost in no time. Included with the purchase is all the equipment needed for hydroponic growing; all you need is water and electrical lines.

Smaller but Fancier Washer & Dryer

Combo Twin Washer and Dryer

Credit: Consumer Reports

Tiny is the new trend. Homes built in 2016 were a lot smaller than homes built in 2009. Smaller space means a new tend and need for necessities to be smaller for more efficient space usage. This data was collected vis the U.S. Census Bureau.

The answer to the smaller home trend is the 24-inch wide Combo Twin Wash System (pictured), which is a compact all-in-one washer and dryer unit. This device saves tons of extra storage in city apartments and smaller built homes.

Induction Cooking Trend

Frigidaire FS Induction Range

Credit: Consumer Reports

First reported by Consumer Reports. The induction cooking is gaining high popularity due to the precision control and heating. Although there is a lot to love about this stove top, the downside is that is costs twice as much as its stove top counter parts.

Price: The Frigidaire FS Induction Range, model FFIF3054TS, which retails for around $1,000. If you are a stickler with your cooking and your meats, go out and take a look at the new induction system.

Self Cleaning Toilets

Neorest 750H toilet

Credit: Consumer Reports

Do you never want to clean your dirty toilet again? It might be possible now that toilets are learning to clean themselves automatically. Take a look at Toto’s Neorest 750H toilet, which took home the bath Gold Award. from KBIS.

The technology within the pooper is called ‘Actilight Cleansing Technology’ which starts by pre-misting the toilet bowl before each use, minimizing waste left behind. Here is the best part: the bowl is misted with electrolyzed water, which has a higher acidic PH value which is suppose to keep the bowl cleaner and smelling better for a longer period of time. I don’t know about you but I think this is the coolest and most futuristic looking toilet that I have ever seen. If it does half of what it says, then I am probably going to buy it.

Matte Finish

Polished Granite

Credit: Consumer Reports

The top finishes nowadays are polished granite, sparkling chrome, and sleek stainless; but the matte finish is making a huge impact on the new favorite.

Matte is making its way through manufacturers and onto many kitchen appliances and surfaces. The reason that dark matte finishes is so popular is that they look really nice with other finishes including black stainless steel.

Mixing and Matching Appliances

Family Hub Refrigerator

Credit: Consumer Reports

The American kitchen is becoming more modern and sleek looking as more and more people entertain their friends and family in the kitchen. The mix and match options are great for consumers to really make their kitchen POP.

The Heritage Collection of refrigerators are super high tech. They offer high-end technologies such as built-in cameras. These cameras offer you the convenience of being able to check your fridge for items you may need to get at the grocery store, but without guessing if you need the ingredient or not.

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