Rental Process

The dumpster rental process doesn’t need to be hard. In fact, we created an easy to understand four step process for you to follow. But before you dive into the processes, here are some other pages that can help you as well:

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Lingo – Learn the lingo that is used in the dumpster rental industry so you are aware of all possible fee’s and services. Know these terms and you will be on the same level as the rental companies. Don’t get talked AT, get talked to.

Dumpster Rental 101 – On this page, you will learn the basics of dumpster rental. It is easy to understand and will advance your knowledge level of roll off container rentals.

Dumpster Sizes – Here you will learn how to choose the right dumpster size. This page will also help you figure out, based on your project, which dumpster would be the best fit for you.

Dumpster Rental Process in 4-Steps

1. Decide on why you need a roll off container

Clearly defining your project needs and purpose can ultimately save you money. Roll off rental companies provide value to varieties of customers. They do not have a one size fits all dumpster container. They service contractors, landlords, businesses and homeowners differently. Knowing your type of project before calling in will also help them help you decide on the perfect dumpster rental. Here are some examples of common projects used for dumpster rentals:

  • Cleaning out a basement or garage
  • Remodeling a home
  • Demolishing a deck or shed
  • Roof and siding replacement
  • Landscaping

All in all, there are many dumpster sizes available so knowing your project will help you save money by getting the perfect dumpster for the job. Pricing by dumpster size is going to be the biggest cost you pay, so making sure you don’t buy too big of dumpster is the reason behind carefully detailing your project. 

2. Choose your dumpster size

Now that you understand the type of project you are doing, it’s time to do some research on different dumpster sizes. It may be helpful to know that dumpster sizes are based on cubic yards. For example, a 5 yard roll off container will hold 5 cubic yards of waste. What ever size of the dumpster is directly related to the cubic yards it can hold. 

Dumpster Styles. Specifically for homeowners, there are two common styles of dumpsters (dumpsters are also known as containers, roll offs, trash bin, etc.). 

  1. Swing door. The swing door style has a door on one end that swings outward. This type of style is great if you are throwing heavy junk into the dumpster. These are great if you have kids helping or are an older person. 
  2. Open top. The open top style is the most typical type of bin. Most open top bins are only 3-4 ft high, which is low enough for most people throwing junk in it. 

Only a handful of businesses will have the ‘swing door’ style and you will have to ask if they keep them in inventory if this is an important type of dumpster for you to have. 

Sizes. There are many dumpster sizes available and they can range from 3-40 yards. The most common types of sizes are as follows from smaller to larger:

5 Yard Container – This bin used for the smaller projects such as small bathroom remodels and small garage clean outs. 

10 Yard Container – This container is the most common out of all bin rentals because nearly all home renovation projects will fit in it. Typical jobs for this dumpster include, 250-300 sq ft deck removal and driveway tear-outs.

15 Yard Container – This is a bigger dumpster and typically stands 5 feet high. Projects for this bin include, medium kitchen remodels, large yard clean up and large garage cleaning. 

20 & 30 Yard Containers These are the big boys that are large enough to tackle major home editions and even home construction projects. Usually, contractors are the main types of customers for these. The bins are used for commercial building roof tear-off’s and construction. 20 & 30 yard dumpster are rented out for a longer period of time as well.

3. Paying the costs & fees

Now that you know how to choose your projects and decide on renting a dumpster, it’s imperative that you understand the costs involved and learn how to get the most competitive price. Before we dive into the basics of cost, remember that the most effective way to get the best price for your dumpster rental is to call 2-3 rental companies because most of them will match competitors best price. 

Base Rate. The base rate is the biggest cost you will pay for a dumpster rental. The cost from one size to the next can be a hefty increase in price. Make sure you don’t buy a dumpster too big for your project. Ask if the base rate is there flat-rate fee to make sure you won’t get a surprise when it’s time to pay the bill. 

Extra Fees. You may incur extra fees if you keep the rental longer than expected or throw hazardous waste that is prohibited into the bin. Hazardous waste includes paints, solvents, electronics, pesticides, batteries or any type of cleaning agent. Make sure you get a list of prohibited materials so you don’t get charged. 

To be safe, the best bet is to call your local roll off rental and see what types of pricing they have and ask about additional fees. Fee’s and pricing will be different from company to company so call a few to get the best idea of which one you would like to rent from.

4. Call them up

As I have been mentioning throughout the process, the best thing you can do is call up a few companies so you can start to compare the pricing and what featured services you like the best. 

The #1 reason to choose a dumpster should be based on featured services, NOT price. Here is the reason: the price to rent a dumpster is not going to differ all that much, but the service each company provides tailors to each specific person renting a container. Services are what you pay for anyway, not the bin. Some services will allow you to keep the bin longer in case anything unexpected happens, they also may put the junk in the dumpster for you. It all comes down to your preferences and what is going to help you out most so looking hard at the featured services is highly recommended.